joi, 11 septembrie 2014

Promote your business

SEO Link Building is one of the best strategies that improves your website ranking in the search-engines. A backlink is seen by Google as a positive vote for your website and the diversity of backlinks that are created on internet makes it hard to know if the content of the link that points back to your website is good or not, so the popularity makes the difference.

Any backlinks should be sent to indexing services for a higher quality, and also it should have an unique article/description.

One of the most important thing is the Page-Rank of the page where backlink is created and at the same time the content that's used, unique or not, with anchors variations + quality keywords.

A lot of backlinks means a lot of chances to increase the traffic daily, and the people may follow your website if it is interesting for them, with new articles and interesting content. 

The backlinks created by us won't be seen as spam, due to the unique articles, anchors variations, and different IPs for every page, so they are just some descriptive links about your website that helps you to increase the ranking.

We have 3 different types of backlink builders, that can be seen here:
Wiki Backlinks
GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker

I will use GSA SER,one of the best SEO tools for backlink building, to increase your website ranking and at the same time to bring you some more traffic, real traffic.

A GSA campaign is based on 2 tiers:
Tier1- creates backlinks directly to your website
Tier2- creates backlinks to tier1 created backlinks to promote at a higher level

All the articles that we will use are UNIQUE, with good keywords used and most important, the articles will be created on your niche, you just have to send keyword(s) so I can start quickly.

The backlinks that will be created are safe, permanent and unique.

GSA will post on many platforms including:
- Article directories 
- Forum postings
- Guestbook postings
- Image comments 
- Indexing services
- Blog comments
- Microblog postings 
- RSS postings 
- Social boomarks postings
- Social networks postings
- Video postings
- WEB 2.0 (high quality)
- Wiki postings

The campaign is for 4 days and the results can be: Over 600 backlinks on Tier1, and over 1000 on Tier2. Check out this offer HERE or leave a message/comment so we can talk about a special campaign if you want to.

Senuke XCR promote

Do you want to get a higher rank on search engines for your website?

Try our Senuke XCR service to get over your competitors fast and safe.

This service is creating a lot of backlinks, with a high quality on Google, being the best software in link building until now. The backlinks are really efficiently, unique, safe and permanent so there won't be any problems in time.

We are creating the campaigns as Matthew Woodward presents it.

Where is Senuke XCR posting?

# Social Networks a.k.a Web 2.0 Properties
# Social Bookmarks 
# Wiki Articles
# Forum Profiles 
# Web 2.0 Profiles 
# PDF Sites 
# RSS Feeds 
# Press Releases 
# Article Directories

All the results are sent to indexing services for a better view from Google!

Check out this offer HERE or leave a message/comment if you want to talk with us:)

Wiki backlinks

Wiki pages are getting more important on Google daily, as there are posted a lot of interesting things that attracts people to come back daily on wikis.

You have now the opportunity to promote your website with WIKI backlinks, at a really small price.

What will contain a wiki backlink? 
1. Unique content
2. Safe backlink (different IPs)
3. Permanent on search engines

How is it increasing your ranking? Any backlink is seen as a positive vote to your website, so there will be over 1000 positive votes for your website. The backlinks will be indexed on Google and other search engines, bringing you a high quality ranking for your website, and also a real traffic if the users that read the wiki content will be interested.

We make sure that the campaign will get over 1000 backlinks created in just a few days.

Check out this offer HERE or, leave a message/comment if you want to talk about it.