joi, 11 septembrie 2014

Wiki backlinks

Wiki pages are getting more important on Google daily, as there are posted a lot of interesting things that attracts people to come back daily on wikis.

You have now the opportunity to promote your website with WIKI backlinks, at a really small price.

What will contain a wiki backlink? 
1. Unique content
2. Safe backlink (different IPs)
3. Permanent on search engines

How is it increasing your ranking? Any backlink is seen as a positive vote to your website, so there will be over 1000 positive votes for your website. The backlinks will be indexed on Google and other search engines, bringing you a high quality ranking for your website, and also a real traffic if the users that read the wiki content will be interested.

We make sure that the campaign will get over 1000 backlinks created in just a few days.

Check out this offer HERE or, leave a message/comment if you want to talk about it.

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